Monthly Archives: November 2022

I Love Fall


I spent eight days in the Ozarks, at Table Rock Lake. Fall vacations are the best! I managed to spend the time disengaged from “work” if that is what you want to call it. Pretty proud of myself! We spent eight days watching the fall colors change before our eyes — eye candy for sure! It always amazes me that trees can be so beautiful even as their lovely “garments” fade and decay and fall away. But then….they get a fresh new start come spring!

Could the dying away of some of my “garments” be just as beautiful? I could let loose and let fall away garments of pride, rebellion, hurt…well you fill in your own blanks. As I do this I know I will probably feel a bit naked, you know, vulnerable. But I will trust in the goodness of my Creator to clothe me with new garments, more beautiful than the ones that have fallen away. How lovely!

And there will come the time when once again I will need…yes I know I will…to let fall away yet other garments…and the cycle continues…the cycle of sanctification.

I love fall.